Influenza, Bassetti: “Risk of the infernal triad of covid and syncytial virus”

“There will be a triple pandemic, the ‘infernal trio’: influenza, covid virus and respiratory syncytial virus.” Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Disease Clinic at the San Martino Infirmary in Genoa, confirms this to the Adnkronos Salute, assessing the 2022-23 influenza season.

“The first cases of influenza have arrived, even heavy cases. I think it will continue to grow and this year the ‘flu season’ will definitely be more severe than what we have seen in the past because the masks have limited it. A triple pandemic, but I call it the “infernal trio”, ie influenza, SARS-2 virus, respiratory syncytial virus, which I fear will do harm. All this tells us that Covid is becoming less important and that we are returning to the normal state that prevailed before the epidemic.”

“I can share with Undersecretary of Health Marcello Gemato that it is not necessary today to suggest a fourth dose for those who have had three or have had the disease and are under 65 and have no comorbidities, but to say they are infected is meaningless and it is a clear view. The booster dose should That it be done by the old and the frail, and all the others will decide whether or not to do it,” adds Bassetti, commenting on the statements of Under Secretary Gemato, who argued that “the fourth dose for those who are not in danger, is meaningless.”

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