Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion Not Launched As A Fan Expectation Cloud Game –

Yoshinori Kitas, Producer Basic Crisis – Final Fantasy VII – Reunionmade a strange statement regarding the game, stating that it could never be made Cloud because of orgasm Fan expectationswhich grew after the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The Kitase statement makes more sense than it might seem, especially when put in context. The developer noted that “when the original hardware the game runs on is not produced, it becomes difficult to play. One example of this is Crisis Core.”

“Of course it will be possible to use cloud technology to run it according to its original specifications, but the truth is that after Final Fantasy VII Remake, fans had higher expectations for the graphics. So I think it is worth remaking the game for platforms. For the current generation to meet those expectations.”

In short, the reference to the Kitase cloud is related to the fact that the game could have appeared just like the original using the cloud, but this would not satisfy the masses, who are now more demanding and expecting deeper changes from operations.

Of course, talking about the cloud as the only alternative is a bit naive, given the ways to play PSP There are many and they are all effective. In addition, in the past, the manufacturer Mariko Sato also touched on this topic, noting that the graphics of the original on a larger screen caused some concerns in the development team.

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