“I dream of the Chiringuito, but I also dream of the United States of Europe”

The former deputy was willing to open a chiringuito in Barcelona, Sergio Batelli. At least, that’s how he half-jokingly imagined his future After two legislatures in the room, the first with the 5-star movement and the last glimpse with Together for the future, Luigi Di Maio party. Now, Batelli, after months as a free social media hitter, has chosen to engage with +Europe to revolutionize it.”United States of Europe“And to lead” the battles I share 100%.Most of the Taliban were employed by the parliamentary groups“.

Is the chiringuito project frozen in + Europe?

The chiringuito is my life project, I signed up for +Europe because I share the battles I’ve fought. I want to take it further, because I believe very strongly in certain ideas. + Europe has a modern vision that addresses future generations. In short, I will lend a hand to local groups. I don’t want to be a professional politician.

what do you have …

Author: Stefano Iannacone
Date: 2023-06-07 06:00:25
Domain: www.true-news.it
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