Ukraine and China at the UN distance themselves from Moscow: “The sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country must be respected”

To intervene in the question of the annexation referendum Russia Been completed On September 27 in regions Donbass Based on CHERSON China was too. During the Security Council dayUkraineBeijing’s ambassador to the United Nations, Chang Joonrepeat position China Regarding Moscow’s operations in the occupied territories:sovereignty And the land unit In every country, they must be respected, as well as the principles of the United Nations Charter.” John went on to stress the “constructive role of China,” which “has always been on the side of peace.” Dialogue and reconciliation are the two key words used by the representative who warned that “the confrontation between blocs and sanctions will only lead to a dead end.” Speech Beijing In line with the position taken by the Chinese government so far He flies, once again distancing itself from Russia while failing to publicly condemn the conflict. last september 24 Intervention In the general assembly of United nations In New York, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi He made clear Beijing’s view of the conflict unleashed by Russia in Ukraine, “China supports every effort that leads to one peaceful solution to the crisisHe stressed that “the basic solution is to address the legitimate security problems of each faction involved.” Wang Yi also referred to the “non-interference principle”: “We ask the warring parties in Ukraine to prevent the conflict from spreading.”

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