How to clean black pans using tomato sauce

As we all know, the kitchen is the place in the house which is, of all, the dirtiest. In fact, while we are cooking, we do not pay much attention to hygiene, as most of the time we focus on implementing the recipe that we prepare at its best. However, an experienced chef knows that one of the secrets of the profession is to pay attention to the cleanliness of the kitchen. In this regard, we will soon see in this article how to clean black pans with tomato sauce.

On a slow fire

Obviously, the first things that get dirty during cooking are the tools we use. In the first class UtensilsPans and trays. In fact, after many uses, pans in particular tend to get black and burn. This is a natural process, but with a few tricks, it can be slowed down.

In fact, to avoid spoiling the pans right away, it is important to remember to always cook on low heat. As our grandmothers learned, using a low flame will allow us to keep these tools from the process of deterioration. In case that little trick isn’t enough and the pan is now black and unusable, there is a way for us to put its gloss back on again. So let’s see how to clean black pans with tomato sauce.

Wait and rinse

To make black pans due to overuse look new, a good way is to use tomato juice. In fact, just pour a little of it into the pan and wait a few hours. After that, rinse well to see that it is now free from the burns and black spots it covers. L ‘Acid In fact, the tomatoes, which also characterize the sauce, react chemically and produce a degreasing effect capable of attacking the rust. Knowing about natural remedies to solve everyday problems like this proves extremely beneficial because we save money and, above all, valuable time.

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