Poste Italiane loan without pay: Not all of it is true

The Final Days ad by Poste Italiane and what was after all was some sort of real test.

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In recent days we wrote about one creative, so it can be defined, an initiative launched by Poste Italiane in order to ensure that even those without a paycheck have access to small loans ranging from 1,000 to 3000 Euro for Poste Italiane account holders and prepaid card holders Postpaid. A distinction is made between information that comes directly from the company between the self-employed and the employees. clearly independent It cannot provide certainty of income unlike an employee, or even a retiree.

innovation Moving, in fact it’s all there. It’s too good to be true, actually. Despite the overall low numbers compared to other types of loans that are usually evaluated by citizens, we always talk about lending money without any objective guarantee. Freelancers can earn today 1000 Tomorrow 100, how well sticks 22 months? These are the deferred payment times Poste Italiane considers.

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Sunflower test: straight to the post office to request information about it

To illustrate this, we’ve gone straight to a file Post officeWhere one of our correspondents requested information about the possibility of obtaining a loan as announced From the company In the absence of a salaryTaking into account the working position of the latter, journalist, freelance without an employment contract. What is the advisor’s response to the question? scoops. number Finance For those who do not have a salary. but how? The commercial focuses on this element, and now everything is taken apart?

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The counselor explains, between veiled Cheeky that in fact the possibility of obtaining a loan without pay for an independent business, but Revenues From the latter must pass 11 euro miles. For the rest, the state, employees, etc. are preferred, all people who have a salary and how.

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Ethics tale? We didn’t actually find a moral. Unfortunately we found it all for ourselves It is published by freelance companies on their own programs for their own initiatives, it can be, at times, nothing more than a red herring. false reminder Prepare, something that probably shouldn’t exist, at least to avoid feeding false hopes. If you don’t work, no one will give you money.

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