How does a tender work up to 30 thousand euros from Emilia Romagna

Against the depopulation of the municipalities, the Emilia-Romagna region launched New ad Addressed to Young couples and families Who would like to buy a house in one of the 121 municipalities in the Emilia-Romagna Apennines.

The tender provides €5 million for non-reimbursable grants for the purchase of a house in a mountain municipality, with the aim of re-housing it: can be obtained Up to 30 thousand euros in contributions.

Applications can be submitted from October 12 to November 10.

Mountain house call, what is it

The declaration aims to counter population migration, aging and Promoting new development opportunities in the Apennines and the Enhance areas Remarkable and important to the regional system.

This is the second call for the resettlement of mountain municipalities after 2020 (which relates to the purchase or recovery of property) for a total amount of €20 million: 2,300 applications have been submitted, 687 have been funded.

This time the ad Fund only purchase interventions And no redevelopment, contribution paid only Purchase of existing housing On the date of approval of the notice and existing In the municipalities of the call Traditionally called “mountain municipalities”.

Invitation to the mountain house, contributions of up to 30 thousand euros

The mountain ad progress Non-repayable scholarshipfor expenses incurred directly by the applicant to purchase a Accommodation in the property (limited to existing housing) to be used a their usual residence for at least five years. During the same period the dwelling cannot be rented or sold.

Contribution will be Delivered in one solutionAfter positive investigation of the liquidation request, the expenses incurred will be announced.

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Contribution amount is included Between a minimum of 10 thousand euros and a maximum of 30 thousand euros; It cannot exceed 50% of the total cost of purchasing the property. The amount of the contribution is determined by the applicant when applying for participation, and the applicant undertakes to guarantee the share of the joint financing necessary to cover the total cost.

Mountain house ad, what can you buy in the property

Expenses incurred as of the date of bid approval for the purchase of 100% full ownership of a residence in a mountain municipality for use as habitual housing, are permitted and are limited to existing dwellings (cadastral survey) of cadastral classification A/2, A/3, A/4, A/5, A/6, A/7.

It is not allowed to purchase between persons belonging to the same family unit or having a straight line relationship of the first degree.

An invitation to the mountain house, to which it is addressed

The call is open to young couples and families, even if it is made up of one person. applicant:

  • He must have been born after January 1, 1982, i.e. no more than forty years of age;
  • be a resident of Emilia-Romagna;
  • o Carrying out an exclusive or widespread business activity in the region.

L ‘Show The number of family members should not exceed 50 thousand euros.

Inviting mountain house, additional degrees for under 30s and children

The call provides additional scores:

  • for those who have one or more children;
  • for those under 30 years old;
  • For those who already have a job in the Apennine municipality;
  • For those who live in a non-mountain municipality and transfer their residence to a mountain municipality;
  • For those who buy a home in the municipalities with the most disadvantaged indicators of demographic decline, aging and income.
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The arrangement will remain in effect for 12 months. Those who applied for the previous call and did not receive funding, if they have not yet purchased the accommodation, can resubmit it.

Mountain House Invitation, How to Participate

Access methods It will be available here Starting from the opening day of the platform on October 12, as well as on the web page dedicated to contact in the section “AdsFrom the thematic region of the region on the portal of the Emilia-Romagna region.

To access the application, it is necessary to use the Public Digital Identity System (SPID), Electronic Identity Card (CIE) or National Services Card (CNS).

A computer application is a fileThe only allowed mode To move the app, so, Documents sent through other means of transmission will not be accepted.

For any information, the email box is active: [email protected] To which requests for information and/or clarifications may be sent.

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