These citizens will not have to pay for it anymore

The exemption from the health card has been extended to some citizens who will no longer have to pay it. Let’s get to know the terms.

Based on the new provisions, the number of citizens who can benefit from the health card exemption has been ended. These groups of people must have specific requirements of age, income and health.

Exemption from health ticket

The health ticket is a system that was introduced in 1982, with the aim of providing assistance to the citizens who receive it Care from the National Health Service. In this way, it is intended to provide economic support to pay for the health services received by the citizens.

There are currently several exemptions based on Special circumstances affecting certain groups of citizens. Basically, depending on age, annual income, and health conditions, some citizens have the possibility to receive health care without having to incur the related costs.

Health care ticket waivers are currently provided

There are currently several health ticket waivers directed at specific categories of citizens. The purpose of this exemption is to allow some peaks of the population to access the health care that they enjoy Need without having to bear the related expenses.

Codes have been entered to identify the type of exemption.

with the Code E01 The exemption is established for persons under 6 years of age and over 65 years of age, who belong to a family whose annual income does not exceed €36,151.98.

The Exemption code E02On the other hand, it applies to unemployed and dependent family members. As long as the family unit has Annual income less than 8,263.31 euros.

Social pensioners are entitled to Exemption Code E03which can also be used by dependent family members.

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Finally, it comes Exemption code E04 It can be used by those with minimum pensions over the age of 60 and it can also be used for dependent family members. then. It is necessary that the annual income be less than 8,263.31 euros.

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