Grand Tour in Scotland: Richard Hammond implicated in another accident – “his best yet”

The Grand Tour team recently Spent nine days in Scotland While traveling from Edinburgh to the Hebrides in three classic American cars. But in a recent column by Jeremy Clarkson, he admits that while he and James May were doing well, Richard Hammond had another accident.

The three were spotted in Cadillac, Lincoln and Buick cars, and captured by camera towing convoys around the Scottish Highlands. Later in the flight, these convoys were eventually modified and left behind, but the sprinters did not finish their cars. These were eventually modified As well as for the rumored drag race, Including slippery intake tires, turbochargers and side exit exhausts.

But despite what seems like a great episode, photography has become extremely difficult due to the limitations of the Coronavirus pandemic, which have become the subject of Jeremy’s last column.

“I didn’t think there was hope in Hell to begin, let alone finish. And that is before we turn to the Scotland problem. It seems that Nicola Sturgeon is only motivated by a deep hatred for the English, so we expected her to close the borders at any moment,” Jeremy wrote.

With the costs associated with dealing with the regulations, canceling this filming period was very bad news, but thankfully they managed to bypass it with none of the more than 50 team members testing positive for the virus. See, instead of getting hotel rooms, to maintain social distancing, they had to rent out the entire hotel. And they just couldn’t get a plane, they had to have a place of their own.

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But after nine days, filming was over and they were successful in filming the Scottish episode of The Grand Tour. Well, everyone except for Richard Hammond who apparently had an accident again.

“Amazingly, thanks in part to the rules but mainly luck, none of us were positive in the nine-day filming. Which means that all of the cameras were spinning when Hammond had his regular accident. It was a good idea.”

“Maybe the best he’s had so far, because he’s not actually harming himself. I think that’s lucky because, strictly speaking, he wouldn’t have been allowed under the Covid rules to go in an air ambulance to a stranger.”

This gets us so excited to see what this episode has in store for us, but we haven’t heard anything yet Madagascar special The episode is scheduled to be released before the end of this year. We can only guess that the Scottish Ring will be next year now. Please hurry up, amazon.

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