Espionage, the three letters hidden in the arrest of Officer Marina

The The arrest of a naval officer Espionageo Pro-Russia contains three messages, all of which are important.

First of that Our counterintelligence worksAnd this is not a trivial demonstration in a country where a lot of things still aren’t working.

The second message is a confirmation: Civil and military espionage, Between former states belonging to opposing blocs during the Cold War (but sometimes also between Allied countries) not only dead by the fall of the Berlin Wall but in excellent health and If anything tends to condense. The technological competition of our time is also military by definition, and geopolitical instability leaves ample room for intelligence to penetrate. If the allegations are confirmed, Captain of our frigate It would be a traitor: but far from being unique in the West, or in Europe, or among NATO allies. And since reciprocity is always valid in these matters, it is necessary to know without acknowledging that the opportunities for espionage are being exploited by everyone against everyone, as happens in electronic raids: He who has the techniques and the men use them.

The third letter awaits the outcome of the investigation with the Italian officer and the nature of the documents passed to Moscow, but so far it indicates that. The damage will be limited In our critical relationships with NATO and in relations with Russia. Both NATO and Russia are more accustomed than usual to such incidents. Putin would respond symmetrically, expelling Italians twice if there were no further developments (The dismissal of one official would be a friendly gesture, but it is not part of the Kremlin’s customs.)

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Italy’s policy of critical dialogue with Moscow will be able to continue, despite Biden’s buzz. And NATO would, if anything, appreciate the efficiency of our services. Assuming that the captain of the frigate deceived the Russian spy, giving him 5,000 euros for classified but not very relevant documents (there are many). If not, then the question arises of why the traitor managed to gain access to really important documents.

The arrest of the Italian soldier: the story

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