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GP Australia 2022 – Possible Strategies: An almost obvious choice, but beware of the ups and downs – 2022

Albert Park. Third date from the world F1 2022. After the various concerns raised by the commissioners, all the class fans made a bit of a pick-me-up today, especially the fans FerrariLet’s take a look at the most appropriate strategies to deal with it competition tomorrow.

As we already had the opportunity to tell you yesterday, insideRace pace analysis appears in second free practice (Click here if you want a review), vehicles C3 . averagesAnd Soft C5 (Pirelli thought of a rubber jump for this date) Show some granulation Which makes it an unsuitable choice, especially the red compound, due to sweat. Before going into details, let’s see if anything has changed today in this regard.

Race distance – Albert Park – 58 laps

Pirelli’s strategic advice

On paper, according to technicians Long Through their official website, the fastest strategy to deal with 58 laps of the Australian Grand Prix Is this ad Stop Who sees moving from Average to Difficult. there smoothDue to its characteristics it was the best choice to qualify, while Average It will probably be the most suitable compound to start the race. there c 3 In fact, it offers more options than the red compound, mainly due to the hot, dry temperatures expected for Sunday.

Abandoned vehicles are available to race drivers starting at 07:00 (Photo: Twitter, Pirelli).

Now that drivers no longer have to shoot the tires they’ve passed the Q2 withThere is a lot of flexibility and everyone will try to take advantage of it. However, there is still an element of unpredictability. ringAlbert Park It has been meticulously revised and features new, smooth and ever-evolving asphalt.

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there a path It has some very fast sections and as it could have been seen today, Making mistakes becomes more likely. SoEnter the safety car It cannot be excluded in any way. This may reset strategies and open up the possibility of double-stopping, where you can go to use smooth to perform last time.

Mario Isola: “One stop strategy, but watch out for volatility”

These are the words of Motorsport managert for the official columns of Pirelli: “We had a long but exciting qualifying session. On more than one occasion we saw even millisecond gaps between the leading racers, plus the pole was set in the last moments. As expected, the drivers used Soft from the start of qualifying to take advantage of her speed Not only that, they were also able to complete more than one race lap to maximize performance.”

GP Australia 2022: Possible Strategies According to Pirelli (photo:Twitter, Pirelli)

“The winds changed direction compared to Friday and this clearly affected the aerodynamic performance, making the cars more unpredictable.” I announced Island. “From what we saw in qualifying, choosing to make a compound jump between Soft and Medium turned out to be the right choice and allowed us to keep the gaps between Hard, Medium and Soft roughly equal. Tomorrow should be an all-out race from medium to hard, but as we saw today We can also see some fluctuations.”

▪️ Sasso Strategies (Marco Sasara)

Not repeating what was said before PirelliFor tomorrow’s appointment, I just have to confirm the tire manufacturer’s quantity. Will use a lot of rubber Average initially with smooth That the framework will be marginalized by the choices of the teams. The reasons were listed above, high temperatures, excessive granulation and deterioration. there C5 It can only be useful in the final match if unilateral interference is necessary Safety car.

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If the race goes smoothly, with no unexpected events, it will probably stop MH or max Your Majesty For pilots who want to try something different in the stern. there Difficult This will be the most consistent compound, instead the yellow streak will be the most problematic to administer, so whoever can do it better will have a good advantage. It will be important not to put too much pressure on her, especially in the early stages. The reduction will be very strong going from Average to Difficultso if the gap between two opponents is less than 3-4 seconds, it will be decisive to beat the opponent in time.

It all seems so simplebut only as you remember it IslandYou should always be wary of surprises. We’ve seen how easy it is to make a mistake and therefore very likely to be a safety SARS. Wall technicians should always keep their guard up.

picture: Twitter, Ferrari

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