Giorgio Forlani, the new CEO of Milan: Who is the manager close to Elliott

Advertising Ivan Gazidis’s farewell has arrivedsoon to be the new CEO of Rossoneri. The name is Giorgio Forlani, born in 1979will support outgoing CEO Gazidis for conventional delivery then, from December 6, will be up and running, when the former Rossoneri manager’s contract now from Johannesburg expires the day before. Forlani, AC Milan player But he is above all a great expert in international finance. Former member of the Rossoneri Board of Directors since 2018, He was among the men who led Milan’s recoveryEconomic and therefore sports as well. Bocconi studied and then an MBA at Harvard University. He worked as an analyst (from 2003 to 2005) at Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment bank in the United States, and then at the investment firms Silver Point Capital (2006) and Apollo Management (2007-2010). Until Twelve Years as Elliott’s Portfolio Managerthe American fund that acquired Milan, collected it and now sold it to RedBird.


Giorgio Forlani was among the new Milan heroes, and now he will be even more so in the role of the new CEO. Work and passion together:As a boy I used to go to San Siro, it’s a stadium that I loveSaid in March 2022 al Football Business Summit organized by financial times -, but it is not designed for today’s world, it only has clubs as its primary activity, while, among other things, it should become a place to entertain events “- allowing us to glimpse his vision on the subject.” When we got (here) 2018 with Elliot, so) was heading towards bankruptcy – said Forlani -, we have intervened by cutting costs and also improving in the framework of the sporting aspect, with the arrival of new administrative figures. With Gazidis – who will now replace him – we started a program A way to transform Milan from a “football club” into a “media business”go ahead Vision The future of the Rossoneri: “Next steps to take – always said Al Football Business Summit – they, number one, invest in business until the last euro; Giving everything to players creates a negative spiral, we must also invest to increase revenue. Second: the development of the stadium and access to the best European clubs. Number three: Work with your league.”

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