Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare left to focus on Mass Effect and Dragon Age?

bioware decided to He left the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic And entrust it to another team, specifically Broadsword Games Online, so that it can be Focus on Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Sources close to the project are reporting it.

According to these rumors, Broadsword and Electronic Arts have signed an agreement that will become effective during this month and which will be witnessed by the team currently responsible for Ultima Online and Dark Age of CamelotDirected by former BioWare Vice President Rob Denton, he specifically takes the reins on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

At the same time there will be one renewal which would see about forty people move into the new studio, others finding a different location within the company and still others being fired. The Old Republic content will continue to be produced, such as upcoming Patch 7.3 and the upcoming PvP season.

As mentioned, BioWare will abandon its historical project to devote itself entirely to the development of two of its main series, Mass Effect and Dragon Age; The latter, in particular, is in for a difficult period given that the treatment of Dreadwolf also seems to be going slowly due to the farewells of some of the directorial figures.

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