Gasoline, the illegal savings trick: You’re practically walking for free

There is a new way to save a lot of gasoline. Unfortunately, this is not a legal method, and the penalties are expensive. Anyway, let’s see what it is.

there Gasoline shopping he is Among the most careful, in the current crisis scenario, for an Italian family. So it would not be a coincidence that, in this period, a trick to run the car for free has been circulated or has become better known.

In times of crisis, a trick is used to save on gasoline in this period, but it is still illegal.

It is true that many of those who used it were for one Situation From need tobut it is good to remember that we are discussing it a Explanatory purpose of the phenomenonbecause the same thing is illegal.

Everything is focused on using FAPParticulate filter fitted to new generation cars. Take this name in the cars that go to dieselwhile abbreviated GPF (from a gasoline particulate filter). Its function aims to a fruit Extremely sustainable By car, as many harmful particles are not allowed to disperse in the air, resulting in particle pollution combustion fuel.

It is calculated, in particular, that every filter of this type, mandatory for the vehicles that maintain it, is capable of back about 70% of emissions pollutants. However, this will affect consumption. In particular, the mechanism in question, although highly environmentally sustainable, has some cost On the one handefficiency. In other words, with the same gasoline, it tends to have a shorter duration than with a full tank. This is how many motorists thought of taking it off.


Without a particulate filter, you’ll gain in terms of lower fuel consumption, but watch out for penalties!

The sanctions mechanism should not be overlooked. In the event that you are surprised by your car without the supplied filter, in fact, theFine can go From 422 to 1697 euros. But, concretely, how do you risk that?

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As already noted, this is a measure to contain emissions, able to retain most of them. It follows that without it, the same results will not be obtained, and therefore will produce Many emissions More pollutants, which, to some extent, inevitably become also visible. Now, Stradale dealers who pay attention to “out-of-meter” emissions compared to a hybrid, or new generation gasoline, will not be able to fail to implement control the car.

In this regard, there will not only be a fine to be taken into account, but also spasm subordinate registration card (booklet). As for the fine, the attachment of the document, without which it cannot be negotiated, is subject to change over time, and depends on the severity of the infringement.

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