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Belluno, US refuses to implement rogatory: Social haters of Italian-Algerian candidate in hijab still go unpunished

US authorities They don’t cooperate With Italy for inquiries related to Web Defamation, why there This crime does not exist. Thus, it is useless for our judicial authorities to send requests International rogatoryBecause they are all rejected. For this reason – the impossibility of recognizing the authors of remote threats – it was archived In the Belluno investigation that witnessed an abusive party Asia Belhaj, 37 years old, Italian-Algerian living in LongaronWhere she acts as a cultural mediator. During the election campaign in September 2020, she had run as a candidate for the Veneto Want (which backed Arturo Lorenzoni of the centre-left coalition) and published her own list hijab picture Muslim. Because of her clothes, she was the subject severe insultsWhich led to her filing a lawsuit.

“Today I feel”Foreigner“Quite literally, it is a word they have always described me with and always rejected,” I declared disappointed, learning that the investigating judge had Archive request accepted submitted by the Prosecutor. “More than a hundred people were freed from offending me, mocking me, threatened memake fun of me and denny, call me”tore up“The hijab I’m wearing, telling me I should take care of myself, they tied my character to itProblemsgive me some Medieval. However, they cannot be prosecuted because their path cannot be traced identification Posting date and time.

The truth is that the prosecutor tried identification At least some black keyboard who has agitated against it. But she was not able to do so because she found herself faced with an insurmountable obstacle, the differences between the Italian and American legal systems on the subject of defamation. “Like all Italian prosecutors, we also received a note from Ministry of JusticeU.S. Bureau of International Affairs” explains the attorney general in Belluno, Paulo Luca. “Sent in 2016 to the Deputy Public Prosecutor of Rome, Angelantonio Racanelli. With a specific subject: “Requests for legal assistance in criminal matters of the offense of defamation via Facebook pages.” The ministry made it clear that since this type of crime is not expected and is not punishable in the states United, The rogatory commission cannot be executed data held by service providers.

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This is the reason why those who offended Hessen could not be prosecuted. so wrote Christina Pozza, US Department of Justice official: “Defamation in the United States It’s not a crimeIn fact, data contained in Facebook profiles that are defamatory is protected by right freedom of expression to me First Amendment of the constitution. With us enjoy freedom of expression a Premium system No one is prosecuted for exercising this right, no matter what it is unpleasantAnd offensive NS annoying Transfer of content.” Since the requests were immediately rejected, the letter urged not to “submit rogatory commissions to avoid waste of resources that should be devoted to other crimes. These are letters of representation Unusable Because of our different constitutional systems.” Then there is another second level that cannot be overcome: “Not even Facebook social networking site or other US Internet operators responding to requests relating to the offense of defamation.”

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