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Jason Schreyer، infinite auraBattle 343 Industries is coming to PC and Xbox. In the article, Schreick explains how the game went from being a disaster to being a winner.

Schreier begins by talking about July show 2020 And the bad reaction from the audience in front of the graphics sector is not up to par. Even Microsoft knew that an incomplete demo wasn’t a great idea, but they hoped the audience would go beyond the graphics. At that point, Microsoft reluctantly postponed Halo Infinite.

The crucial point in developing the game was The return of Joseph Staten, lead writer on The First Three Halo, one month after the demo. Staten lifted the team’s morale, recalling that several Halo games had a rough time, including the first Halo. Staten also convinced Microsoft to give the team plenty of time to troubleshoot the game. Halo was critical to the success of the new generation of Xbox, but a bug-ridden game release would have backfired, as was the 2014 edition of the collection.

This choice turned a potential disaster into a success, as evidenced by the release of multiplayer November 2021 and good scores for campaign mode (here’s our review). Moreover, the day after the release of the multiplayer game, the Xbox record was set in terms of the number of modern players – another important indicator of success.

Shrair also explains that 343 industries are suffering from it internal problemsimperfect work tools (the team also considered switching to Unreal Engine to make life easier), internal conflicts, and very long work shifts, according to 20 employees who spoke to the journalist. All these problems caused difficulties in the development of the game Halo Infinite, which the team has been working on since 2015. Moreover, multiplayer was supposed to arrive in 2019: obviously, this was not possible.

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NileSummer 2019In fact, Halo Infinite was in deep crisis. The team decided to cut at least two-thirds of the planned content. The initial idea of ​​a large game world like Zelda Breath of the Wild was discarded and the team decided to choose smaller regions. 343 Industries realized it was nearly impossible to make the game in time for the release of Xbox Series X | S, but Microsoft needs the game. It was the demo that changed everything, and Staten created a to-do list to make Halo Infinite a success.

Wicked explains it anyway infinite aura It’s not yet complete (eg campaign co-op missing) but it’s an acceptable detail, as players are now accustomed to getting content over time, which was not acceptable in the past. However, the game is in good shape and that’s enough for now.

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