Free streaming, serial exceeded 40,000 users in three months

Serially, the first free Italian streaming platform dedicated to international TV series not released in Italy, started in 2022 with a surprising first result: More than 40,000 registered users. In just 3 months A goal has been reached confirming the excellent start obtained after the official launch on October 14, 2021, with Confirmed steady growth trend.

In addition to this trend, there is also data showing how users have become passionate about the platform and the content usage is constantly increasing. In fact, so far, the 60% of those registered have watched at least 2 TV series, and among them 55% have watched more than 3 series. This data is especially important because it reaches the average of early October users and newcomers, indicating increased interest in the project and the offerings. In addition, another important character is Average time spent on the platform represents a streak of continuous growth, Boasting a 42% increase in the second month, posting an additional 59% improvement in the third month.

In these early months of Serially, some ideas regarding . have also emerged User’s tastes As for the genre of TV series: Favorite platform titles respectively belong to the genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Thriller.

In particular, the It is the title that most definitely attracted users’ attention cupid, which is a fiction that tells the story of the goddess of love in a modern way: Cupid. This TV series has already had a huge success in Spain, which also found confirmation in Italy. It is placed second BrasicUK comedy-drama is the most successful TV series of the past seven years in the UK. next If I were you, the Spanish thriller starring Maria Pedraza, a face known for her participation in Elite and La casa di carta. Surprisingly, looking at the last publication in December, they follow the ranking Beowulf, the historical series dedicated to the famous Anglo-Saxon epic poem, H 12 deadly daysChristmas-themed comedy and thriller. This latest series in particular, caught the attention of new users and at the same time became the most followed series on Serially in the days leading up to Christmas.

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“These first results are certainly more than encouraging and confirm the growing interest on the part of users in our platform.” I announced Alessandro Mandelli, CEO of Serially In light of these successes The absence of subscription restrictions, in a historical period such as the current period of increases related to services and raw materials, makes Serially an ideal solution for Italians looking for forms of entertainment that do not burden their monthly expenses. The platform is the ideal alternative for those who want to feel free to evaluate different titles without Activate an additional subscription. We are convinced that those who choose our platform also share our values, which find expression in content selection: diversity, inclusion, and transparency. These pillars, along with the centrality of our users, are the coordinates that guide our development choices on a daily basis.”

sequentially visible in Online streaming in the title serialAnd On mobile devices via the app available for iOS and Android, on SmartTV thanks to Apple TV and Android TV (available on various models of the following brands: Sony, TCL, Philips, Hisense, Nokia, Sharp, Metz, Xiaomi, Panasonic, Thomson , Telefunken). This release will also follow Samsung and LG, which will happen in the coming months.

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