You have in your car but never used it before: this method makes you use half

Sailing driving technique, or sailing or sailing in English, is a type of maneuver that was popular mainly with hybrid and electric engines but was known even before. It saves a lot of fuel or electric range. Let’s find out how.

In practice, it is mainly based on deactivating the timing chain from the engine (or motors) to the wheels, eliminating the friction usually caused by the camshaft, gearbox and the various gears that make up the transmission. especially, The engine brake is thus eliminated let the car Proceed by inertia for short or medium stretches, where the only braking element is air friction with the rolling of the tire. follow Net savings on fuel or battery If used expertly and frequently, especially when driving out of town and on the highway. Good idea to reduce consumption.

On a slope you can save fuel, but watch out for the curves in the slopes…

On paper, it’s a winning driving technique, but there are drawbacks. First of all, electric motors are usually designed to recover some power through the motor brakes or with the foot brakes, so this would eliminate this percentage of recharging, albeit a small one.

Second, a car cruising is more dangerous than controlling because the natural engine brakes are lost, so on steep slopes the car will pick up rather than slow down, and the foot brake alone may be insufficient in hazard situations.

How is sailing activated while driving a car

First of all, we must determine that it is It is possible to activate the navigation technology even in cars exclusive endothermic. B.Putting the car bar in neutral or stepping on the clutch pedal When the car is launched. It is usually used in extensions where you go on a slope or on a slight incline: You speed up to the permissible limits, and then you start sailing. This way you can travel several kilometers without spending fuel, or spend a small part because it’s like standing still with the engine at idle.

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In hybrid or electric cars, cruising is automatically activated by releasing the throttle. This operation will shut down the internal combustion engine by disconnecting the transmission. This will be reactivated with a simple push of the accelerator pedal.

More specifically, once the driver takes the pressure off the throttle, the transmission will disengage from the engine. When pressure returns to the “throttle” or to the brakes, the transmission will engage the engine to regain full control of the engine and, if necessary, also take advantage of the engine brakes. While skiing, the internal combustion engine is temporarily turned off and to take advantage of the skid an automatic transmission with torque converter or dual clutch is needed.

sailing by car
Car sailing according to James May of Top Gear….don’t try it at home! P @ BBC

If sailing is trained with skill and consistency, then sailing allows you to save a lot of fuel, especially if it is used in cars with an exclusively gasoline engine and is fully exploited on sloping sections. in the middle, Estimated savings of 0.5 liters / 100 kmHowever, it may vary greatly from one vehicle to another. yes they haveOr even advantages in terms of driving comfort because ofDriving is very quiet while driving fastbut as mentioned, you have to be very careful not to take too much speed downhill.

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