For those who are about to receive a letter from the tax authorities

rain avvisi bonari byrevenue agency: There are many taxpayers who are about to get one message by tax. so called letters of compliance, those are those notices that some abnormality Mentioned in their lorises tax revenue, for example due to omissions or mismatches of declared data in relation to what is in the revenue agency’s databases, they are intended tospontaneous loyalty by the taxpayer.

The Tax Administration then notifies the taxpayer of anomalies before submitting a file Evaluation Notice. In this way, citizens can regularize their situation, correct errors, and benefit from a tool active repentance.

However, 2022 begins with one A wave of alerts, which will continue to be accessible throughout the year. L ‘Increase compliance It is actually one of the PNRR . Objectives. Let’s see who should expect a compliance letter from the revenue agency and what to do if so.

Revenue Agency Notices: For those about to receive a letter from the IRS

Transmission blast Notices byrevenue agency It started at the end of 2021 and will continue throughout 2022. Currently, anomalies are found in 2017 tax returns.

But there are important expectations over the next few months fixes In the compliance sector to comply with PNRR . Objectives. To consolidate the instrument aimed at the self-realization of taxpayers, two actions are envisaged:

  • the avvisi bonari they will be more On the basis of strengthening technological infrastructures and cooperation between databases, as well as improving selection algorithms and increasing the number of employees dedicated to this task;
  • A pre-filled annual tax return will be available by April 30, 2023, and thus for tax year 2022, for approximately 2.3 million VAT numbers (of the 4 million taxpayers that are required to file a return).
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by June 30, 2022 Achieving the related goalDatabase interoperability, which is preferred by the use of information pseudonyms, a procedure that allows to expand the possibilities of information in the use of data while respecting the legislation on the protection of confidentiality of personal data. This is a necessary step to promote Enhanced controls towards taxpayers at greater risk of tax evasion.

By 2022, the goals to be achieved are:

  • 30% increase in compliance letters sent;
  • false positives should be reduced by 5%;
  • 20% increase in groups related to spontaneous completion.

This is the timeline related to compliance with respect to the PNRR targets (which we leave attached). So it is clear that in 2022 many taxpayers will receive a notice from the Revenue Agency.

Click here to download the updated plan

Revenue Agency Notices: What to Do If You Receive a Letter from the IRS?

If you receive a friendly notice from the Revenue Agency, the first thing to do is to carefully read the contents of the letter and Check, perhaps with the help of your accountant or by contacting the CAF Centre, in the presence of abnormality Reported by the tax authorities.

If the revenue agency has already found some anomalies that exist, the taxpayer can proceed with the tool active repentance, allowing you to settle your situation by paying the amounts owed but with lighter penalties.

On the other hand, if the taxpayer considers that the data in his return are correct, it is sufficient Notify the agency, send any Items and Documents which the financial management was not aware of.

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