Perini Navi sold at auction for 80 million euros: this is who bought it

The new owners acknowledge the group shipyards in Viareggio and La Spezia, the real estate digest in Pisa, ship under construction, trademarks, patents and stake in Perini Navi USA

VIAREGGIO. Those present, yesterday afternoon, at the beautiful headquarters of Perini Navi, a prestigious sailing company that declared bankruptcy in January of this year, spoke of increases of five million euros at a time. Until the closing of the auction announced by the trustee Franco Della Santa, to get the figure of 80 million. The company has won the Italian Sea Group Spa, the global operator in the luxury yacht sector, through its wholly owned subsidiary, New Sail Srl. Two bids upon opening of the envelopes: one 47 million bid from “Restart,” the company that has combined Sanlorenzo and Ferretti Group to acquire Perini Navi, and The Italian Sea Group for 48 million.

Founder and CEO, Giovanni CostaninoWith fruitful roots in Tuscany and a firm police heart, he said yesterday evening: “I am very proud of this operation. We wanted to move forward with the investment, but we arrived at the auction with absolute determination with the desire to acquire all assets based on our consolidated experience and new contracts, especially in the large sailing yacht sector. The new production spaces will allow us to expand the incoming orders (incoming orders, so) for the future in a very dynamic sector, as evidenced by the last two orders related to sailing yachts signed in December. So we are confident that we made the right choice, spurred on by an impending order that exceeded expectations by 50 percent.”

Costanino and his team are the “foreigner” of the Viareggio dock. Thus the press release immediately identifies the coordinates of the process, from production to financial. Where it is specified that the company “will finance the operation with available cash, reinvesting a significant portion of the proceeds generated in the public offering (the initial public offering, in the last listing on the stock exchange, so) at the beginning of last June, as well as through bank credit lines.” To do what is described as follows: “The significant strategic opportunity of acquiring the prestigious Perini Navi brand will allow the company to expand and consolidate its position in the large sailing yacht sector, a sector in which the company is already very strong.

Giovanni Costanino also offers a “taste” of future intentions in the field of sailing: “In December 2021, the company signed two contracts for two sailboats of 56 meters, which were added to the project under construction” ArtExplora “, a sailboat sailing among the largest in the world ». And not only Because the Italian Sea Group itself “has already taken over two projects in progress from the Pyrenees navi bankruptcy, to complete the construction by the Nca regeneration department that has already worked several times on the renovation of the Pierini navi, as shown by the four yachts present in the yard.” Not to forget Assumptions made, during the long crisis of Viareggio, regarding workers coming from the same company.

Of course, the auction that took place after the rejection of the committee of creditors and custodians of the irrevocable purchase offer made by the private company Costanino contains a series of shares, first of all maintenance of production in Viareggio, with the relevant penalties. In the event the buyer fails to do what is shown. It is here that the new owner of Perini Navi is expected to experience the world of boating he sees today – not without some stomach aches – determined to become one of the “lords of the sea”.

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