English Premier League Apple is evaluating the offer of football broadcasts in the UK

It’s no secret that Apple tends to make more and more forays into the world of sports broadcasting. In addition to the offer he has already had in MLS, it has been speculated for some time that he will be entering the Premier League.

second Bloomberg reports, citing unnamed sources, that Apple is considering buying the rights to broadcast the English Premier League and other lower league matches also run by the English Football League in the United Kingdom. If this intent of Apple comes true, the company will become the fourth major contender on the scene for the rights to broadcast the top-flight soccer league in the country.

Currently, the Premier League’s domestic rights are valued at £5.1 billion ($6.23 billion) over a three-year renewal cycle, and Apple’s interest could drive that valuation higher if it does indeed go ahead with formalizing its bid.

Bidding for the rights to broadcast the Premier League has been the subject of “wars” between Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime Video. However, since the rights to the race are not acquired by a single broadcaster, Apple will not be able to offer exclusive rights, as is the case with MLS.

Remember, Apple has begun to focus on sports content to attract new subscribers to its Apple TV + streaming service. The company already has agreements to broadcast Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer games. In addition, Apple has shown interest in getting a bundle to stream NBA games as well.

Also, still talking about sports, but far from the real field, Apple aired a successful TV sports series “Ted Lasso” that tells the story of an American soccer coach who is hired to coach an English soccer team. The series has been a huge hit, and is entirely produced and broadcast by Apple TV+.

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