Resident Evil Village, PS5 demo render at 4K @ 60fps even with ray tracing enabled –

The experimental From Resident Evil Village Your turn PS5 a 4K e 60 fps Even ray tracing continues to be activated, despite official information provided by Capcom in recent days.

The Japanese publisher actually stated that Resident Evil Village is working on PS5 at 4K and 45fps resolution with ray tracing activated, while the technology appears to Presenting a chessboard For effective resolution reduction and preservation of 60 frames even with a file Ray tracing.

In short, for now both Resident Evil Village graphical modes are operational PlayStation 5 They return the same results, although with RT you actually noticed a little more effort maintaining your 60fps target.

The Video The comparison by VG Tech checks the versions as well PS4 Pro e PS4 From the game, which normally works differently in terms of performance.

for him PlayStation 4 Pro You can choose the resolution mode or the performance mode: in the first case you get approximately 4K 40 fps, On the second I 1080 pixels At 60 fps.

Finally, on the standard PS4, the new chapter of the survival horror series runs at 1080p and 60fps, although in this case it Effective decision Of the game equal to 900 p.

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