eFootball 2022 has €40 DLC but you can’t use it for 2 months –

eFootball 2022, the successor of PES, has DLC “Premium” da 40 euros Available on pre-order which includes a series of micro-transaction-related content, which is blocked for two months after launch.

How can you read on PS . Store“The Limited Edition bundle gives you access to the base game (free to play) and various items that will allow you to build your own creative team in eFootball World!”. accurately, Package contains:

  • eFootball 2022 (Free to play base game)
  • 2,800 eFootball Coins (premium in-game currency)
  • Dark Deal x6 (pre-order grants 2 more Dark Deals, for a total of 8)

However, as you can read in the star notes, “Chords in the dark and eFootball Coins can be redeemed and used after the scheduled halving update. November 2021. Also know that ‘Dark Offers’ will expire on 04/30/2022. “If you don’t know what dark deals are, you should know that it’s an item that allows you to sign out 1 of your 16 ambassadors and players from partner clubs.

eFootball 2022: Many footballers on the field
eFootball 2022: Many footballers on the field

Basically, eFootball 2022 is sold out Precise transfer Even before it is used within the game. This is not a huge problem, per se, but it is important for the player to be aware of this before investing their money.

We remind you that eFootball 2022 will be available from September 30, 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, iPad, iPhone, and Android. We also point out that the game’s video infuriates PES fans who are very critical of it.

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