The tricks for choosing the right glasses for every face shape

Glasses are an option that must be made wisely. Not only does it perform the important function of allowing the wearer to see better, but it is also an accessory that could be improved upon. There are many tricks to choosing the right glasses for every face shape. Not only can they beautify the face, but they can also reduce imperfections that you do not want to emphasize. Thankfully, optometrists are open and if it’s time to change your glasses then this is the must-read article for all the advice on the topic.

Everything is rectangular

An oblong face as the name implies is a very elongated face, longer than its width. He is usually very thin, his eyes close together and his mouth usually opens with a dazzling smile. In order not to create a fly effect, it is necessary to focus on narrow and thin, rectangular or square models. It is preferable to choose light rose gold or transparent frames. The extra trick? A little bit of diamonds on the sides will brighten the eyes and smile of those who wear this model of glasses.

Inverted triangle

A triangular face has a wide line and a pronounced narrow chin. The Cheekbones The jaws are usually tall and slightly rounded. To balance the face, it is necessary to focus on wide, heavy-framed round frames or tortoiseshells. Choosing glasses is always a game of contrast so it’s a good idea to try to create a dynamic in a confrontation with these little rules.

Diamond face

A type of face that fits between a heart and an oval face. Those with a diamond face have a balanced forehead and chin, but what stands out are the cheekbones. Like the corners of the diamonds stand out on the face as undisputed heroes. To be more daring, the perfect eyeglass model for a diamond face is “the cat”. They are glasses that have a rectangular shape to the top, which gives this face more charm and uniqueness. Here are some tricks for choosing the right glasses for every face shape. The extra trick? Dare for a beautiful red frame.

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