Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour on March 6

Bandai Namco, with the support of Shueisha and Toei Animation, announced Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour, which is the Dragon Ball event that will be broadcast online on March 6 for fans around the world.

The Dragon Ball series is a truly global phenomenon that embraces all forms of media and products, including the popular manga series that sold more than 260 million copies, the animated series that has been broadcast in more than 80 countries and territories around the world, as well as successful video games, figurines and games.

With Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour for the first time, one Dragon Ball event will be based on multiplayer games and will feature a variety of programs that bring out the best of the series, ensuring a unique and unforgettable day for all fans.

Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour will include three of the most competitive games currently available: the Dragon Ball FighterZ console video game, the Bandai Dragon Ball Super Card Game, and the Dragon Ball Legends mobile app.

Fans will be able to watch various competitors from around the world compete in each game with special teams and unique tournament formats designed specifically for the event:

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ will see four of the best players from five different regions compete against each other, including Japan, France, the West Coast of the United States, the East Coast of the United States and Spain.
  • Dragon Ball Super Card game will create challenge between champions of each region (Tournament Tournament 2019).
  • Dragon Ball Legends will allow professional players from the World Tournament held two years ago a triumphant return.
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These challenges will be broadcast live around the world in both Japanese and English. Fans from all over the world will be able to participate in the event by participating in an interactive online program that will be held in conjunction with the challenges. The online arena foyer will allow attendees to interact with other Fans, as if they were attending the event in person. It will be possible to create an avatar and use the emotion functions in the lobby to express their feelings and thoughts about Dragon Ball with other users, while supporting the players participating in the challenges.

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