The latest news in Rome on 09-03-2021 at 20

The latest news from Rome on 09-03-2021 at 20:10 (Friday, September 3, 2021) Romedailynews radiogiornale information Good afternoon from the editorial staff and Gabriella Luigi in the study of pandemic data in latest 6,735 survey positive in 24 hours, and the case fatality and positivity rate stabilized at 2:02% from 23% yesterday. latest 24 hours is 556 all patients are staying in intensive care across the country Meanwhile we look at the detailed data According to the survey of the Higher Institute of Health, the delta variable prevails in 99 7% of cases in Italy the incidence of covid cases and 74 * 100,000 residents in the period From August 27 to September 2 in a slight case …Leggi su romadailynews


Courier service : The rate of infection with the Covid virus, of moderate severity, increases from 10 to 17. RT at 0.97 – fan page : Heavy words against #novax – Courier service : Israel, a record of new cases: there are 11 thousand. But there are already more than 2 million vaccinated with the third dose – Demirgenza : Latest news: Abruzzo moves from the platinum region to the aquamarine region (clear). – lwtxbucky : Latest news: Confirmation of God’s existence after this video-

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