Cycling: Seregno’s highland-flying cousins

Training camp in June on the Dolomites طرق To complete the preparation and face, in the best way, the most important racing stage of the season. Maria Giulia Confalonieri and Alice Maria Arzuffi (“Flying Cousins” of Serignoprofessionals affiliated with Gs Fiamme Oro) for a few days trained with other athletes from the State Police at the operational base of Flora Alpina Shelterin Valfrida at 1,800 meters above sea level, surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Dolomites, which they reached by bicycle along difficult roads.

Cycling, Confalonieri and Arzuffi in the Dolomites: ‘Important work’

We have done important work that will improve our performance both on the climbs and also in the multi-day races, starting with the single time trials. – Explanation of the athletes – The base of operations was in a shelter chosen among other things by some famous cyclists before signing on for their unforgettable exploits.“.

Cycling, the following Confalonieri commitments: Tour de France Femmes

Maria Julia Confalonieri He will be the first to experience the work done on higher ground. The Brianza Athlete (in a Ceratite-WNT Pro cycling team jersey) Monday will be in Colchester To line up at the start of the UK’s most important women’s stage race, the Ladies Tour, which ends on Saturday 11 June. Confalonerie She will also compete in the historic first edition of the Women’s Tour de France Scheduled from 24 to 31 July.

Cycling, the following Arzovi engagements: Giro d’Italia women

Alice Maria Arzovi For its part, it will organize specific training sessions for stage races in the coming days as it will be on Thursday 30 June in Cagliari for the first individual test part of the race. The Giro d’Italia women’s race that will end on July 10 in Padua.

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