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(ANSA) – ROME, July 19 – Controversial British commentator Katie Hopkins will be expelled from Australia for mocking the hotel quarantine and mocking the anti-Covid lockdown currently in place in two major Australian cities, Melbourne and Sydney. BBC reports it.

Hopkins, known on social media for her racist and discriminatory terms, arrived in the country to participate in the reality TV show Big Brother Australia. On Friday, she posted a video from her hotel room in Sydney in which she said she wanted to “put” health workers at risk by suddenly opening the door “without a mask” when they brought her food. In the film, Hopkins called the shutdowns “the greatest hoax in human history.”

The Australian authorities reacted immediately and decided to cancel her visa and return her to the UK within the day. Home Secretary Karen Andrews called Britons’ comments “appalling” and a “punch in the face” for Australians in solitary confinement. “We will get her out of the country as soon as possible,” the minister told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, stressing that “personally, I am very happy for her to leave.”

Meanwhile, the columnist, a favorite of former US President Donald Trump and who he retweeted on several occasions, has been fired from reality TV. At the moment, he has not commented on his expulsion, but yesterday he justified himself by saying that those in custody were just jokes. She was banned from Twitter last year for repeatedly violating hate speech guidelines. He once described immigrants as “cockroaches” and Islam as “abominable.” (handle).

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