Cashback, We Change It: Close Crafty and Small Canceled Transactions

The pressure has arrived Cunning cashback I stumbled Checks for abnormal transactions In view of closing the first stage of Cashback.

The government has finally introduced a new product that has been announced many times: These days, the government is monitoring the small payments that the smartest people make to win. Maximum prizes of 1500 euros Intended for the first 100,000 citizens to carry out the largest number of electronic money transactions in the first half of 2021.

Cashback, controls on small payments started

Inspection processes have started in light of the closing of the first semester of the program. These days, Mef’s messages about starting to check for “anomalies” are arriving directly on smartphones of taxpayers “at risk”.

These small transactions, which may take place within seconds of each other always at the same merchant, will not be considered “purchases” and So it will be reversed From the cashback program as “abusive” transactions.

Abusive Small Transaction Cancellation: Mef

Some users started receiving a message about verifying ‘Abnormal transactions’ Recorded by the program State cashback. In particular, the controls will target those negligible transactions that may be executed within a few seconds of each other, always in the same merchant. This is the text of the message that goes directly to the taxpayer’s smartphone:

We conduct checks on some anomalous transactions, which are repeated for a small amount, and which are made in large numbers at the same merchant, on the same day, and therefore they do not appear to be classified as “purchases” of goods or services under the program.“.

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If these transactions are related to abusive behavior, they will not confer the right to any kind of repayment. For this reason, we have taken steps to remove suspicious transactions from the system: You can view them with the meaning “-” in your Cashback Card details.“.

Cashback, seven days to prove goodwill

The letter ends with an invitation to prove the good faith of the disputed transactions and to announce the actual objective of the purchase in the case.You think this is a mistake and that your transactions are in order“, Within seven days From the date the message was sent, otherwise Will nullify For purposes of participating in the program.

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