Mobile Rewards 2021, Bill Discount or Balance Transfer Possible?

What changed with the extension Mobile Rewards 2021? In addition to the increase in maximum of spending that rose from 10,000 to 16 thousand euros Altogether, recent changes have provided that you can enjoy support through Discount on the bill a credit assignment. But with the turning of Sostiny’s Edict into law, things changed.

2021 Mobile Rewards via Bill Discount or Balance Transfer: What Changes with Sostegni DL

at maxi adjustment The supports dl There was also a modification How to use mobile bonus 2021. In practice, in addition to the increase in expenses allowed for deduction, the Discount on the bill e/o no credit assignment As the possibility of using the respective bonus.

With the transformation into law Sostiny’s decreeHowever, as mentioned above, this specific modification was also rejected. The 2021 mobile rewards by bill discount or credit assignment So it will not be usable. This means that for this year (and excluding subsequent legislative interventions), anyone wishing to enjoy these specific facilities will be able to do so by following the procedures and indications already in place before the extension.

Mobile Rewards 2021 how it works

Across Mobile Rewards Also in 2021 you can take advantage of one 50% deduction from personal income tax For the purchase of furniture and large household appliances of a class not lower than A + (A or higher for ovens and dryers), intended for furnishing a building undergoing renovation. Franchise is also for Purchases made in 2021, but can only be requested by those who are conducting the renovation of the building that has begun Starting January 1, 2020.

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The discount is divided among the beneficiaries 10 annual installments of the same amount It is calculated – for the year 2020 – on a total amount not exceeding 10 thousand euros. For 2021, as already mentioned, the spending ceiling on which the discount is calculated has been raised to 16 thousand euros.

The taxpayer who performs Renovation work for several real estate units You will be entitled to benefit multiple times. In this case, the maximum amount of expenditure takes into account each housing unit subject to renovation.

Mobile Rewards 2021, what are the allowed expenses

As determined by the Revenue Agency, Discount Recognized in Furniture Bonus for 2021 Accrued for expenses incurred to purchase:

  • Upholstery the new;
  • big appliances New energy class of at least A+, (A or higher for ovens and washer dryers), when an energy label is required

fall under Affordable Furniture Also beds, dressers, chests of drawers, bookcases, desks, tables, chairs, bedside tables, sofas, armchairs, sideboards, as well as mattresses and lighting fixtures which are a necessary complement to the furniture of the property being renovated.

They are not eligibleOn the other hand, purchases of doors, floors (for example, parquet), curtains and blinds, as well as other furniture accessories.

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