Caitlin Clark, the basketball player who stopped the United States –

Even if it was yeah lost vs Louisiana Finalist for the women’s university title (102-85 score in favor of LSU in the last season in Dallas of the so-called “March Madness”) Caitlin Clark He could still say he won. In fact, she has become one of the most famous figures in American sports. For a few days, the United States was at the feet of this girl with a graceful physique and extraordinary talent. Forget about even the male heroes.

Caitlin Clark, Numbers from Estimator

The 21-year-old from Des Moines has gone “viral” in the US, especially after what she did in the semi-finals against South Carolina: He thinks it’s best to pull the Iowa Hawkeyes Perceiving the beauty of 41 points8 assists and 6 rebounds. It was the culmination of a roadmap that was similar in the game against Louisville: So, 82 points in the last two games (the semifinals, actually) with 12 triples: no one else in NCAA history has been able to do something like this.

During the season, Caitlin averaged 28 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 7.4 assists per game. And with frightening shooting rates: 64% from two and 40% from three. Away from the extra details: Defeating South Carolina in the semifinals – strong in Allyah Boston, potentially the first overall pick in the next draft of the WNBA, the women’s NBA – meant not only eliminating the main favorite for the title but also putting the gag on The defending champion was unbeaten in 42 matches and was off his 36-win streak that season.

It also predominated among males

Born on January 22, 2002 in Des Moines, Iowa, to parents Brent Clark and Ann Nisi (daughter of Bob Nizi, a former soccer coach with Italian ancestry still proudly carried by the family today), Caitlin stands 1.83 meters tall and weighs 70 kilos, the perfect size for the role of director. / Watchman. This is his third year of college basketball and his growth has been exponential. Proving herself to be a top-class player from a very young age, Clark wasn’t just playing against older opponents, But she often ends up playing (and dominating) among the boys too because no school in her neighborhood had a girls’ basketball program. Its presence made such a difference, that disapproving parents complained that the school was cheating by using it.

More than LeBron, Jokek and Curry are required

So Caitlin flipped the idea that the female player is less powerful than the male player. The girl from Iowa didn’t care about all the noise around her and enjoyed her new size: Some called her Goat (which is the biggest of all) and some renamed her on social media. ESPN, the major American sports broadcaster, managed to prove that the most watched basketball games of the season were his in this final stretch of the NCAA Tournament. So, the player most searched and clicked by Americans in the last two weeks was not LeBron Jamesor a Nikola Jokic or one Stephen Currybut Caitlin Clark. A gamer, therefore, promises her mother Anne to prepare Sicilian cannoli to the bitter end for her and all her Hawkeyes buddies.

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