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Kwasi Quarting fired and scrapped tax cut: Liz Truss trying to save her government

Air crisis in No. 10 of Downing StreetAnd to all British executives from the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Liz Trusswho appears to have problems within his own party, after only 38 days in government.

We loved each other very much

Quasi Quarting Dismissed: He is no longer the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Until a few days ago he was the right arm of the Prime Minister. Then something broke…
Indeed, Kwarteng – who is fiercely critical of the tax reform dreamed up by Liz Truss – has become a scapegoat for this failure.

The British Prime Minister justified the government reshuffle by the need to stabilize the economy, after its plans for tax cuts alarmed financial markets.

It’s Jeremy Hunt’s turn

Thus, the new Finance Minister is Jeremy Huntwas a former Prime Minister candidate (then supported Rishi Sunak’s candidacy).

This option is an attempt to reassure voters (especially markets) in contrast to the government – cogs in the £45 billion fiscal maneuver (announced on 23 September by Kwasi Quarting), that is, in particular, on the tax cut – in particular to the wealthiest) A measure that would have caused an increase in the national debt and which in recent weeks in the United Kingdom has caused Mali earthquake – which the Bank of England has struggled to stop, including The pound fell against the dollar – and political.

As a result, there has been a collapse in popular support for conservativesgiving the Labor opposition an almost unprecedented advantage in the latest UK opinion polls.

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Liz Truss is now trying to reverse the rally, weathering the storm and not risking being the ‘shortest’ prime minister in British history.

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