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Australia and Eurovision, Montaigne compete via remote – performances

Rotterdam, April 25, 2021 – For a few years Australia was accepted intoEurovision Song Contest. But the epidemic, combined with restrictions on international travel, has affected the arrival of the Australian team to Europe. Then MontaigneThe singer, chosen to represent the new continent, will present her song Technicolor Through a video broadcast during the race. So the singer answered some questions through Eurovision,

Are you competing on the other side of the world, how do you feel about it?

“I feel good, excited that I’m still able to compete, but I’m sorry for not being able to take advantage of this giant Eurovision stage”

Eurovision’s Australian competitors, in general, have always had to build a large fanbase to handle competition from afar. Do you think this is an advantage for your team when it comes to adaptability?

“The answer is in the question, I think. We’ve always done everything with distance in mind, so the only thing that changes this year is where the performance will take place. I think we’ve adapted well and I’m happy everyone sees my performance. The race continues regularly,”

In Technicolor you touch on many subjects; Vulnerability, solidarity and courage …. are words now gaining an additional meaning in relation to the new challenges we face during the pandemic?

Absolutely! The most important thing I learned during this time was the concept of mutual aid and that humanity needs to work together to survive. We also have to take care of each other, and live not just for ourselves but for others, and this is how we face the pandemic together.

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Home Competition: Who will join you in the room where you will be listening to the festival Green room?

My partner is pat! clearly. My family – mom, dad and sister, I’m sure, then some close friends and my admin.

What do you expect the most during Eurovision Week?

Celebrate the year and a half that I worked with my team. It is important to recognize the time and effort spent on creative projects. I am so excited to see the reactions of people from all over the world. I can not wait.

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