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F1 – US GP 2021 – Statistical Analysis: Honda scored 90, Leclerc signed up for 4

F1 is back abroad after two years and the hierarchies are re-established after years of near-total dominance – except for the red spot Kimi Raikkonen year 2018. Max Verstappen He almost complete loot to take center stage and win, with the fastest lap Lewis HamiltonWho is now -12 of his opponent for the title. However, these are just some numbers GP subordinate United States of AmericaLet’s take a look at the weekend stats in Texas.

US GP 2021 – Statistical Analysis: Qualification

As mentioned, Saturday was the Dutchman’s home Red Bull To score his 12th best time in his ninth career of the season. He has reached the pole start count Gerhard Berger NS David Coulthard And those in one season of Sebastian Vettel in 2013.

Nine poles, therefore, also to Red Bull Which in addition to a 72nd place finish in history, made 2021 the fourth best season in the playoffs. He did better in 2011 with only eighteen columns, in 2010 with sixteen, and in 2013 with eleven.

As the Austrian home boycotted a dominance that lasted for six years and witnessed mercedes Conquer every pole from 2014 to 2019. For a team Milton Keynes It’s also the first departure in another ad Austin from 2013.

with regard to HondaHowever, Saturday was the 90th place at the North Pole F1, if we also consider what is marked with Heinz Harald Frenzen The GP Dr’Europe 1999 with the Jordan motorized Mugen Honda. Moreover, the Japanese manufacturer did not start in front of everyone in United States of America Since 1991, when Ayrton Cinnamon tree Determine the best time a Phoenix with her McLaren.

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However, the last column of a Japanese engineer is not the Brazilian driver, but a pole Jarno Trulli From 2005. The Italian, in fact, record pole ad Indianapolis with the Toyota. Unfortunately for the Pescara player, he couldn’t take a start old an award Because of the tire scandal I got involved in Michelin in this event.

F1-US GP 2021 – Statistical Analysis: Competition

Sunday was the same conclusion with Max Verstappen He returned to the highest score on the podium after three abstinence races. For number 33, this is the 18th success of his career, and the eighth in the season. with this red bull Leads to two victories in States United, after occupying Sebastian Vettel in 2013.

As for the Austrian factory, this is the 73rd success in F1, as for the Honda It’s 87 (91 if we also consider a Mugen Honda). The last victory in States UnitedAs for the pole, back to racing Phoenix From 1991 with Ayrton Cinnamon tree.

reach 287.5 points, Max Verstappen Now he has the third highest driver score of Red Bull in a F1, after those he conquered Sebastian Vettel in mainstream riding racing in 2011 and 2013.

second place about Lewis Hamilton Who led the race for the first 21 laps. It was GP subordinate France who did not lead the group for more than three rounds. but behind it Sergio Perez On the fourth podium this season. For the Mexican, this is a new personal best, which beats the top three in 2012 with Cleaning.

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Only mexican in a motorized car Honda, in a United States of AmericaHe reached the fourteenth podium in his career as an American Richie Ginter That in 1965, in Mexico, which got the first victory for Honda in a F1.

Get off the stage again Charles Leclerc Which took the fourteenth place in his career. Half of all of them have won this season. Worst position in points, however, for Valtteri Bottas who ranked sixth. before Austin His worst ranking in the top ten was in fifth place Sochi.

We’re talking instead of going back to the points for both Yuki Tsunoda, 9 at the end, both Sebastian Vettel, the tenth under the checkered flag after a mistake Kimi Raikkonen in the final. Both have been missing from the top ten for some time, specifically from the Japanese GP Dr’Hungary And German from next GP subordinate Belgium.

bitter end toAlps who had to tow both cars due to problems with the rear wing. Thus, the French team cut its streak of 16 consecutive races in points. it was raining GP from Germany 2019 That transalpines did not close the race prematurely.

author: Marco Colletta

Photo: F1 – Red Bull Racing Honda – Mercedes AMG Formula 1 Team – Scuderia Ferrari

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