At the end of October a large release into the atmosphere can occur; Projections up to Ponte di Ognissanti »

Weather: At the end of October there could be a big release into the atmosphere. Projections up to Ponte di Ognissanti

Late October is at risk of bad weatherLate October is at risk of bad weatherto me end of october One may happen “Launching into the atmosphere” Big size will do Heavy rain returns. The dominance of high pressure that affected most of the last few weeks and which will also affect the next few days, could end with the last decade of the month and this will mark a turning point with the arrival of Series of Atlantic Upheavals Until the beginning of November, with All Saints Bridge.

At least until 24/25 of the month, no particular shocks are expected, with little precipitation and temperatures exceeding climatic averages. However, by looking at the general European framework, we can see how near the end of October in Atlantic sector One will be formed A large depression area, called Technically Iceland depression: It is, in essence, falsifying disturbances“, The beating heart of the autumn season, ready to leave the moorings pilot torrential rains first towards the UK, France and the Iberian Peninsula, then also affect the Mediterranean and therefore alsoItalia.

If confirmed, they will not be disqualified heavy rainAnd the Also in character StormAt first northAnd the But then it spread to the rest of the country as well. It must be emphasized that this time of the year is often very sensitive due to strong Contradictions which are created between completely different air masses: the latter hot On the one hand and the first cold dash A descent from Northern Europe on the other hand. The deciding factor in these weeks is The sea water temperature is still very high Which could provide the energy needed (more moisture in the lower atmosphere) to develop enormous storm cells capable of draining large amounts of water back to Earth in a few hours: torrents. In this regard, the recent climatic history of our country is unfortunately rich in tragic examples: Genoa 2014, Benevento 2015, Piedmont 2020, Sicily 2021 (Catania, Syracuse and Ragusa) to name a few.

Subsequently, the uncertainties increase, which is also due to the rather long distance. However, from the analysis of recent data, it appears that unstable currents could recur until the beginning of November.
with what Archaeology? The most plausible hypothesis, at the moment, sees us heading towards one bad weather phasewith risks Heavy rain also for All Saints Bridge.

As we always remember in these cases, only guesses at the moment need to be confirmed.

At the end of the month, the Atlantic turmoil is backAt the end of the month, the Atlantic turmoil is back

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