Android 13 language teacher? The news also comes to Bluetooth

We have already started talking about the new Android 13, which can gain two new innovations respectively related to language and voice

Two new features coming to Android 13 (Unsplash)

Although there is still some time left until the release date, the network is starting to question the future Android 13 And on the distinctive innovations of Google’s new mobile operating system. The seemingly well-founded news according to some indiscretion reported by insiders, revealed two features that the developers of the Mountain View giant had now set their sights on for months: It would be, specifically, features related to language And the last criterion Bluetooth LE Audio.

Especially, Android 13 can present Multi-language support: In addition to the language that is applied by default to the entire system (and thus within the intricacies of device settings), the user can also select which language to use for each individual application. So imagine having a smartphone fully translated into Italian and using WhatsApp (just to mention one of the most popular apps in the world) in English or in the language of someone who knows any other language.

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Android 13: Will Bluetooth LE Audio Standard Compatibility Finally Come?

New Android 13
Google could close the circuit with Android 13 by introducing Bluetooth LE Energy support (Unsplash)

second grandmother Android 13 Could be more realistic: support Bluetooth LE Audio. For those who aren’t familiar with it, this is the standard that allows you to take advantage of Low Energy technology to play audio on external devices, such as Bluetooth headphones, and take advantage of lower battery consumption. A functionality after all is quite predictable that will complement the work Google has prepared on the current Android 12 platform, which can already rely on a specific Bluetooth LE Audio management API.

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In any case, these are still follies that must necessarily correspond to reality. But the way to the new Android 13 It appears to have been drawn already, at least in Google’s imagination.

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