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After twenty-eight winning bets, the new champion of the popular American show became the first woman to cross the million mark. But the record is disputed: She talks proudly about her transgenderism, but for many conservatives, the fourth contender is over a million, not the first woman

the uniqueness of achieving a record win on TV; The Ordinary (like the New York Times commentary), or rather the new normal, of a transgender woman who becomes the star of the most popular nationally television game in the United States, Jeopardy!. Amy Schneider, 42, a computer engineer from Oakland, California, On Friday, he won a million dollars in a popular TV contest: became so The most awarded woman in the program’s historyAnd the fourth competitor to exceed one million. He won from 28 bets (another record), and became beloved by fans of the show across the country; In the middle of this winning streak, in a Thanksgiving tweet, she began speaking out about her transgenderism, and using her notoriety to raise funds for charities that support transgender people.

Also on Twitter – his 65,000 fans post incessant comments on all episodes, which air on a delayed basis, almost creating a parallel run of the real show in which he doesn’t politely criticize the authors’ choices frequently – he says. Overwhelmed by this life-changing experienceThank you everyone for their kindness and support.

The record was broken by Schneider twice: that of the award-winning woman in the game of jeopardy! and near the absolute normality over which a person becomes a woman, a condition still often at risk of social marginalization; Amy Schneider has a career like many others, she participated in and won the most popular show on the table, embodying a dream, once again, for almost everyone. Many conservatives object that her record cannot be considered a female record, defying the very definition of a woman; Amy Schneider—along with many transgender women such as Columbus fire captain Lana Moore, astrophysicist Rebecca Oppenheimer, violinist Tuna Brown, and many other women—helps redefine (and perhaps narrow down) the concept of what is normal.

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