A Christmas gift for Webb’s telescope: an album of never-before-seen images of the universe – photos and videos

After thirty years of planning, a year ago it was launched into space after thirty years of planning, and today James Webb Space Telescope able to give the world unprecedented pictures of the universe. A gift under the tree enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts, browsing the extraordinary photos which, after the first color snapshots last July, have followed each other month after month, making a breathtaking space album for Christmas. James Webb is an infrared telescope capable of seeing the sky in wavelengths of light beyond what our eyes can discern. Astronomers continue to use its various cameras to explore regions of the universe, from great constellations of gas and dust to cavities filled with stars, regions that would take years and years of travel to explore together.


NASA /The Tarantula Nebula

Last September, Webb’s footage immortalized the “ice giant,” Neptune and its rings. even beforeThe Tarantula NebulaImaged 161,000 light-years from Earth by Webb, it allowed scientists to observe the interior of a cloud of dust and gas, the places where stars are forming. after installation JupiterWebb caught Ghost Galaxy M794, a spiral of solar systems positioned just in front of Earth in the constellation of Pisces. An exceptional tool that is a year old today and that in a short time has been able to provide invaluable contents to science. 2022 l NASA It was more than a demanding year: of the mission Artemis to the Moon with the aim of returning man to the much desired natural satellite, to revealing the universe thanks to Webb’s telescope and again to experiment with defense against asteroids.

NASA /The Eagle Nebula
NASA / Ghost Galaxy
NASA / Carina’s gas cavity

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