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melbourne\aise\ – “Why immigrants They want to enter Australia? Once they arrive, where do they settle? What can the government do to influence these decisions? Kate Golibewska is a senior research fellow at Charles Darwin UniversityHe tries to answer these questions in his research. to meet her Federico Solchi for Italian SBSa private broadcasting service that broadcasts news in Italian across Australia.
Dr. Golibewska developed an interest in the subject of immigration at an early age, when her Polish passport restricted her ability to travel across Europe and the world.
“Before 2005, when Poland was not yet part of the European Union, obtaining a visa to travel was difficult, and sometimes one felt like a second-class citizen,” says Dr. Golibewska.
After some stints in Italy and the United States, Dr. Golibioska arrived in Australia, where she began to study the migration phenomenon in the country.
Although the pandemic has slowed things down a bit in recent years, with the reopening of borders, immigration will once again become a project that will affect the development of Australian society.
Dr Golibewska believes it is very important to study migration trends in Australia, in order to understand their effects on society.
“Until the 1990s, Australian immigration was dominated by family reunification processes,” he explains on the SBS Italian mic. “In the second half of the 1990s, the Australian government began to favor permanent immigrants who were also highly skilled.”
Another element of the research is looking at where the immigrants who settle in Australia come from. “The diversity of the migrant population in Australia has increased dramatically in the last two decades in particular,” notes Dr Golibewska.
Once migrants arrive in Australia, it is also interesting to understand where they go to settle. “The distribution of immigrants has changed over time, even if, compared to those born here, newcomers prefer settling in large urban centers, which offer more opportunities.”
According to Dr. Golibewska, the government plays a crucial role in influencing where immigrants go to settle. This set of policies is referred to in Australia as the territorial migration policy.
Dr. Golewska’s research interest is also expanding into the field of immigrant women entrepreneurs, an interest that will soon take her to the United States thanks to a Fulbright grant. “I am very happy to have received this scholarship, which I hope will allow me to better investigate this important subject.” (aise)

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