WindTre, as of March 21, automatic blocking of VAS services: What does the SMS you receive mean

After, afterHistoric decisionFrom AGCOM, WindTre seem Information Its clients with prof short message Recency: From March 21 Sarah Automatic block activation (blocking, editor) for VAS services for freeOn all prepaid and postpaid numbers. VAS (Value Added Service) with phone balance or the bill is that Premium services Provided by third parties such as weather, horoscopes, and ringtones that we sometimes find ourselves involved in even without consent, perhaps after touching a sign.

I am Excluded from this provision Mobile ticketing services (Trenitalia, local ticket purchase / parking), SMS banking (Infobanking), “carrier billing” (from partners such as Google Play, Apple Store, Apple Music, Microsoft Xbox Store, Netflix, etc.) And television, donations on 455 numbers for political parties, private postal services and those that fall within the global postal service, electronic delivery services and approved e-mail services.

WindTre The lock has already been set VAS by default on all active SIM cards From October 18, 2020Hence the new ruling It applies to customers before that date. Blocking will automatically deactivate any active premium subscriptions.

The worker remembers that It is always possible to deactivate and / or activate the blocking of premium services for free through the following channels Contact: by calling Customer Service 159; Chat with customer service 159; By sending a PEC to [email protected]; At WindTre sales points across the country by filling out and signing a custom form.

After requesting to cancel the ban or a new ban, a message will be sent to you confirming the request. The cancellation of the new ban or ban will be effective within 24 hours of your request. If you are a minor, the ban / blocking request must be executed by your parents or by anyone with authority Paternalism, “as reported On the company’s website.

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We remind you that the operator, today from St. Valentine’s day, It allows “Browse from your smartphone without consuming GB, for a whole dayA “gift” comes to apologize later Inefficiency in early February.

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