Afghanistan, Paralympics Zakia Amna: welcomed by Australia

Ocean State granted her a visa and a host of other athletes, mostly women. The athlete made an appeal to the international community on August 17

Zakia presented a Appeal to the international community On August 17, his words became a global case.

Rescue Mission It was coordinated by a small group of former athletes, including Canadian former Olympian and Sydney attorney Nikki Dryden, who compiled files of at-risk athletes. Zakiya was followed by the Italian Taekwondo Federation and the Italian Paralympic Committee.

Dell’Aquila: ‘Now take her to Tokyo’ – “I am very happy that they were able to get Zakiya out of Kabul: now I hope he can fulfill his dream of going to Tokyo and participating in the Paralympics,” commented Vito del Aquila, the 21-year-old taekwondoka and the first Italian Olympic gold medalist in Tokyo. “I hope that many other girls can save themselves from this very bad situation. For Zakia, I hope that she can fulfill her dreams, starting with participating in Tokyo.”

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