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From Leonardo Vista, Professor of History and Philosophy

Today at 18:00 direct from PD Irpinia’s Facebook pageA webinar will be held at The school’s future. He orchestrated the meeting Antonio De Vieux, Provides for sharing Camila Sjampato National President of PD Scuola, interventions Antonella Menino, Matteo Galasso, Adriana Guerrero, Michel Vignola, Roberta Santaniello And the site below is Leonardo Vista.

The aim of the meeting is to imagine strategic points from which to start over to imagine the school of the future, and to clear the field of the useless polarizations that have captured the attention of the media in recent months. The political scientist hasn’t always helped clarify the school’s problems, and he regrets to notice that even the minister Azulina Contribute to the confusion, and support student protests in interviews against the government of which you are a part. Not choosing is also a choice: However, A victim of self-consoling Which aims to surrender itself, and criticize the areas that it decided to entrust with the selection. The point of the question is not to ask oneself whether it is better to do teaching face-to-face or from a distance, or to point to a useless and dramatic clash between the Enlightenment advancements and the Romantic Luddites, but to ask oneself about the best way to achieve distance education when circumstances dictate it .

This crisis has clarified everything that we have swept away so far. The first problem that needs to be addressed, especially in the interior regions, is the digital divide. In the period 2018-2019 38% Number of Italian families (1/3) He didn’t have a computer at home. in the south , 41.6% Of families did not have a computer and only 14% He had a computer or tablet for every component. More than a quarter of Italians – 41.9% From the palace – they live in crowded conditions. Moreover, in the Digitization Index of Economy and Society (Desi), Italy ranks twenty-fourth out of twenty-eight European countries. This is the data to think about.

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One is missing One platform: Each school uses different platforms independently, establishing connections with individuals, but for obvious reasons it would be more appropriate to manage everything on one Miur platform. The epistemological frame of reference is also missing due to a paradox Baba Is that it was first used and then thought about. Yet, however, there is a lack of adequate guidelines and reflection on teaching methodologies and learning techniques. Compensatory tools should be imagined for all those with special educational needs and for students in need of support.

It is important that you get a clear message: Technology is not an end but a means. However, it is a medium that creates and edits content at the same time, and it doesn’t allow you to do the same things differently, but instead it modifies gestures, possibilities, and opportunities. Inclusion School emphasizes the need for adequate digital and media literacy, and efforts in this direction have not yet been lacking: let’s think of the Civic Education Learning Guidelines, the key competencies proposed by the European Union, and the creation from a digital animator character with Good School to a digital school plan Patriotism. However, there is a lack of adequate awareness of the challenges and responsibilities of digital citizenship.

Pictures of closed schools in March have made us better understand the extent to which the school is one of the basic infrastructure of our country. School is not only a place to impart knowledge, but above all for growth and acquisition of citizenship and basic skills, and no one likes to keep it closed. Crisis moments are always powerful accelerators of social processes, and inevitably generate change. The Recovery fund It represents a very important relaunch tool, but only if it is linked to the right strategic objectives. It is necessary to increase investments in education from the current 3.8% of GDP and strengthen the teaching staff, provided an unstable situation has a significant negative impact on the continuity of teaching. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), we have the oldest teachers in the world: 59 percent are over fifty years old, moreover, according to a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), spending per student (primary and secondary school) is $ 8,966 Annually, compared to $ 11,028 in the UK and $ 11,502 in Sweden.

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Plans should be implemented for Reducing inequality in education and poverty, strengthening nursery schools, full-time, and adult education. We need school building interventions and above all adequate network coverage, even more than wheelchairs. The topic of well-being should be placed in the center, intensify dialogue with the National System of Psychologists to address the negative psychological effects due to social limitations, and promote the sport that many students neglected this year, due to the closure of structures and the bankruptcy of many small amateur clubs.

Specifically in light of the priority areas The next generation of the European Union, We rethink the organization of the institutes and the training offer so that mentoring is supportive of the skills needed for the world of tomorrow, and not functional in the enrollment war between institutes, which, paradoxically, suffers from mental problems. Let us not forget, in fact, that if there is often suffering in cities due to chicken coop classes, schools in inland regions risk closing down due to lack of enrollment.

Distance learning, which has officially entered the school world with Laws 13 and 41 of 2020, is not just an arc, but a challenge. Al Ghad School is encouraged to have a less adversarial relationship with learning technologies. Anyone who imagined that distance had crossed the bond with his pupils probably had already encountered difficulties in the past that they did not want to admit. Social partners are encouraged to actively participate in a debate that is not purely voluntary or technical, but let us remember that it is fundamentally political.

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