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All you need to know about EVCS’ great deals for commercial EV charging station installation

The global paradigm regarding gas-powered vehicles is shifting. A few years ago, most people had no idea what a carbon footprint was, or how to reduce environmental pollution. Today, we’re talking about a new sort of vehicle generation: electric vehicles. Every day, more and more stores are opting to be part of the change by installing electric chargers. The offers for a commercial EV charging station deal with EVCS are not-to-be-missed. Do you own a business and want to learn more? This article will provide you with all the information you need.

Our mission at EVCS has always been to encourage more people to go green. We know that by offering economical commercial EV charging station deals, we are helping further that cause. Do you want to know how it works? When drivers consider purchasing an electric vehicle, they also wonder how easy it will be to find a place to recharge their vehicle’s battery. That’s why we know we have to make sure there is a charger near every spot where a driver is. By offering excellent service and a great business deal, we make sure that you, a business owner, want to be part of the change.

Charge up your business!

Electric vehicles are better for the environment than gas-powered cars, that’s a fact. Not only that: they’re also more cost-effective than regular vehicles! Interesting, right? Since those words are spreading fast, and EVs are becoming more reachable, more people are considering switching from their gas-fueled cars to electric ones. Meaning that soon, charging stations are going to be in high demand, and that you can be ahead of that.

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At EVCS, we offer commercial charging station deals that can make you earn recurring revenue. The main difference between our offer and others is that installing our charging stations has zero cost. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. We don’t charge for commercial EV charging station installation. By becoming part of our mission to go green, your business will get:


  • Free repairs and maintenance for five years.
  • Recurring revenue from every kilowatt (kWh) of electricity sold.
  • At least ten Level 2 (AC) and/or two Level 3 (DCFC) electric vehicle chargers per site free of charge.
  • A convenient amenity that will attract one of the state’s fastest-growing market segments.
  • Free publicity through the PlugShare mobile app, which allows EV drivers to find you
  • No-hassle electrical service upgrade, if required for installation.

We work with many types of customers, such as retail stores, shopping centers, hotels, motels, fitness centers, parking lots, university campuses, office buildings, factories, parks, and recreational spaces, amongst others. Your business could be the next one to be added to our list of customers!

We do it all

As you’ve probably learned until now, the cost of a commercial EV charging station with EVCS is none at all, plus you’ll get free publicity and a new attraction for potential customers. To add to that, we ensure to provide a feasibility analysis to determine whether the project is logistically and economically viable, by offering consultation on compliance issues, design, and engineering requirements.

We also make sure to investigate local laws and regulations, apply for and obtain all required permits, manage site inspections, and keep complete and accurate permit records for future reference, while our team of electrical engineers draft designs and installation plans, and perform load calculations to determine whether utility upgrades are necessary. Additionally, we have a group of civil engineers that’ll supervise trenching, backfilling, pavement work, and the installation of bollards and wheel stoppers. All the DCFC and Level 2 charging stations will be installed and tested by our team of experts.

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To summarize: you can go green while earning green, with EVCS. Don’t miss your chance to be ahead of the future with our commercial EV charging station installation offers!

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