Turbulent development and exit period reemphasized by Tom Henderson –

Insider Tom Henderson has returned to talk about turbulent development From GTA 6 He repeated what he thinks exit period Most likely, the comment on an alleged leak of the game speaks of a dual setup: Miami and Colombia, as well as cryptocurrency rewards for players.

Henderson had already spoken about the turbulent development a year ago, and reiterated the information, specifying the fact that his reference was mainly to COVID-19. or, rock games Like all development studios in the world, it would have suffered the effects of the pandemic, and the game’s handling would not be as linear as it should be.

As for the release period, the release is repeated in 2024 – 2025, that’s still in a few years. After all, Rockstar Games is in no hurry to release GTA 6, given the continued success of GTA Online which earns it hundreds of millions of dollars every year, a renewed success with its release on new generation consoles.

Officially, nothing is known about GTA 6 yet. Rockstar announced that the game is in the works, stating that it is well under way, but nothing has appeared since then, not even the logo.

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