A glitch that allows you to clone Pokémon –

Pokemon Shining Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl It was available less than a week ago, but someone has already found it flaw allowing you cloning I am a pokemon.

It was initially discovered by a Twitter user Kevinfor 5This scam spreads like wildfire on the net. The reason is that the procedure, easier to implement than to explain, allows you to duplicate several Pokémon in a few minutes. In any case, it is not excluded that such an exploit will not be eliminated in the next few days with the patch.

Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, starring Lucario

Here are the steps to activate this bug. We do not know if cheating has any risks, that is, whether it can harm your saves or cause errors in the game, so we will not be responsible for any problems. use it At your own risk.

  1. Enter Pokémon Day Care from Phleminia and log into “Bebe’s PC” from the station
  2. Put a pokemon in a specific place in a box
  3. Put another Pokémon in the exact same place in the next box (for example, the first Pokémon in the lower right corner of Box 1 and the second in the same place in Box 2)
  4. Press the X key twice to bring up the Combat Teams menu
  5. Choose one of the two Pokemon and place it in one of the Battle Teams.
  6. Talk to the owner and when she asks which Pokemon you will be entrusting, select the other Pokemon, without giving confirmation.
  7. Switch the two chests you selected earlier by pressing the Y key and then deposit the Pokémon into the inner house
  8. Log back in to “Bebe’s PC” and choose the Pokemon you don’t need and register it in the Battle Team: it will be eliminated
  9. Now register the Pokemon you want to clone in Battle Team. Then select it and choose the “Information” option. When you exit the Pokémon info screen, the Pokémon will be cloned
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As a visual reference, we recommend watching the Orcasstraw movie below:

Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl are available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. If you haven’t done so yet, we recommend that you read our review.

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