Canada, a meteor crashes on the roof of a house and lands on a woman’s bed

Ruth Hamilton found a rock weighing nearly two pounds from the Canadian sky near her pillow

The rock, as reported The New York TimesIt weighed nearly two kilograms and was the size of a large fist. Noise has already been reported on the night that the meteor crashed into Mrs. Hamilton’s house Unusual saw In Golden Sky, a town east of Vancouver.

The incident left the woman in shock, but it fascinated the internet and gave scientists a chance to study one space rock He reached the ground. It often happens that meteorites follow a direct path towards our planet, but rarely are they able to crossAtmosphere And the earth on the dirt of the earth.

At first the rescuers thought the stone came from roadworks adjacent to the lady’s house, but after some inspections it was found that the workers were not present and that there were no explosions. researcher from universityOntario, Peter Brown, that the rock was a meteorite from A asteroid And the chances of him throwing himself into someone’s bed within a year are about one in 100 billion.

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