50 podcasts to catch up this summer

In the beginning it was seriesAn American true crime project that revived glory audio notationand audio information and/or entertainment products that came to prominence in the year 2000 and then experienced a rapid decline. In the ten years, Sudden and booming new birth, starting with the Italian success of poison Even the unstoppable growth in this past period.

To date, we produce dozens and dozens of podcasts covering the most disparate fields, from science to foreign policy, from inequality to news stories, and from history to the environment. Among the successes we refer to From coast to coast By Francesco Costa on the US elections H Morgana By Michela Murgia and Chiara Taglifieri on women who have challenged everything and everyone. There are also smaller niche nicknames that have managed to gain a large number of followers. Still others, like works Pablo Trincia, Matteo Caccia and Alessandro Barbero, have become real standards in the sector. Also wired He produced his own podcasts, which look back at the Internet’s past (RetroWiredand future trends in innovationwired future), which explores burning issues such as the coronavirus and the world of great entertainment (wired play).

In this GalleryLet’s review, in fact, The Many Faces of Italian PodcastsRecommend titles for all tastes that are able to impress you. Especially now that it’s summer and during your free time under an umbrella, in the pool or in the mountains, it’s easier than ever to put headphones in your ears.

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