Young people are no longer surgeons.

A surgeon is not a job for young people. In fact, the number of recent graduates going the surgical route is decreasing. The alarm was raised by Pierluigi Marini, President of the Italian Hospital Surgeons Association, on the occasion of the opening of the 39th National Acqui Congress in Milan: “The September data on choices in specialty schools tell us that about 80 scholarships for general surgery were lost. This means that young people are no longer choosing to become surgeons. The main reasons are three. The first is about good formation that they clearly do not feel. The second is the need for a clear career path within our structures that must be relaunched. And finally, the phenomenon of medical-legal litigation that has continued to grow. These three main issues are seen as a problem When young people choose to become surgeons.”

So this 39th Congress is trying to provide an answer to this crisis: “Here in Milan, specifically, to send a great message about training, we have, for the first time in a conference, organized two very technological training centers where they will be trained. These days or so. , 120 young surgeons. It’s a message we want to give in support of resuming surgery as well because that’s essential.”

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