Why are we so tired? Here are the reasons for feeling overwhelmed

Other than the gas crisis and high bills, the real emergency Human energy crisis. Fatigue is the evil of modern times and the feeling of dead batteries even before the day begins is not at all uncommon: in the general population, without taking into account those who suffer from chronic diseases or have specific and already known causes of fatigue and One in five admit that they lack energy to such an extent that their usual daily activities are at risk. This was recently proven by a survey conducted by the Swiss University of Lausanne, which analyzed about three thousand people aged 45 and over, tracking the identity of people suffering from chronic fatigue: A middle-aged person, often a woman, with a few extra pounds and a low socioeconomic levelThey are not satisfied with their health in general and often also suffer from some medical problems of which fatigue was the first indicator, from insomnia to anemia, and from depression to low levels of thyroid hormones. Because fatigue is a vague and recurring symptom Which can often depend on a lack of sleep or obvious causes such as excessive physical exertion or the flu, but it should not be underestimated precisely because it can be an indication of physical and / or psychological disorders to which attention should be paid.

Questions to ask yourself to assess fatigue

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