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first mark It’s a short text message. This way you can then find yourself with some unpleasant news in the bank account. What is the malware error? brother Which, according to Cleafy researchers who have tracked its spread and reconstructed its performance, also landed in Italy. The text messages mimic a banking origin and contain an inescapable link to a website. If the victim falls in love with her, and clicks on the link, a request to download the alleged person will appear on the screen “Anti unwanted applications”, Indicate that the bank assistant will contact you to discuss the details of the matter.

The special thing, compared to other similar scams, is that at this height to convince the user to take the last step, the call really arrives. A trick that helps simulate the validation procedures of services and applications on smartphones, Thus creating a dangerous “reality effect”.

Once you make the mistake of installing the app, the BRATA malware will have free rein to do its job, gaining tremendous control over the phone: it will in fact be able to intercept SMS, forward it to a C2 server, and record and transmit the screen. Content to malicious people, uninstall apps that block them like antivirus, and deactivate them google play for protection To avoid being flagged as a suspicious app, take action On the device settings in order to ensure all privileges needs, and therefore also be able to unlock it if authentication is delegated to a PIN or sequence, but it could be choosing a lock for victims’ bank accounts, for example, with hackers who can at this point start authorizing Payments by bypassing two-factor authentication protection.

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